7 Steps to Cleaning Gutters by Professionals

Cleaning gutters by professionals is an important part of maintaining a home. However, knowing where to start can be confusing and frustrating if you have never done this before. That’s why we’ve compiled these seven steps for you to learn how! In addition, you can google for professional gutter cleaning near me if you find the task difficult.

Steps to professional cleaning:

1. Clean the area around your gutter with soap and water. Then, spray down the inside of your gutter with a hose or power washer. After spraying down the entire interior, use a long pole and brush attachment.

2. Scrub in each section until all buildup has been removed from the walls and metal parts. Finally, remove any leaves or other debris that may still be in the gutters.

3. If necessary, use a ladder and clean from the top down. Ensure no children are playing around or climbing up on ladders, as they could easily fall if they were not securely placed underneath something.

4. It’s also worth checking roofs before beginning the process – accidents do happen after all!

5. Ensure that anything that can be removed is out of the way, including tools, ladder, other equipment.

6. If you have many leaves in your gutters, it would also help to use a rake or leaf blower beforehand, so they are less heavy when water flows through them later.

7. Ensure all safety measures, such as non-slip shoes or gloves for using ladder safety harnesses, are being used properly! It’ll keep everyone safe from harm throughout the process, too, which is always good news.


You can also check for loose tiles around joints and roofs more generally while checking gutters by professionals. It would be best to call a professional first, though, instead of trying to do it yourself unless you were incredibly confident about doing so because they might not secure back into place properly later on.