Buy stronger and more durable glasses from the Duralex brand

Duralex, the French tempered cup organization, provides you the best glasses, dishes, tableware, and kitchen utensils globally. They are out there since 1945, generating resilient and strong cup for the kitchen table. From the beginning, they already have end up being the favorite brand of all customers.

All merchandise maintain their high quality and sturdiness because of their producing process. This alleviating procedure, in which cup is heated up and then rapidly cooled using frosty oxygen, offers additional hardening.

As a whole, the web based store provides you with 44 diverse goods to get the one that best suits your needs.

Swedish web store with years of practical experience

On account of the major web store inside the Swedish market, you can buy any Duralex brand products on the internet. They already have a simple-to-use site where the subsequent items are available:

Picardie cup 31 cl 6-Load up

Picardie cup 36 cl 6-Pack

Picardie glass 50 cl 6-Load up

Picardie Cup 9 cl Dark 6-Load up black colored

Manhattan window 22 cl 6-Pack

Manhattan Window 31 cl 6-Load up

Small Cup with Ear Capricho 9 cl 6-Load up

Manhattan consume 30.5 cl 6-Package

Ramequin 13 cl 4-Load

Paris Dish 20.5 cm Load of 6

Serious Paris Plate 23 cm Load of 6

Paris Dish 23 cm Package of 6

And even more

All Duralex kitchen appliances are premium quality and shock-resistant. It will likely be a great investment to save money over time, and it will surely be approved from era to technology. You will just forget about purchasing cups and dishes because they morning meal!

The web shop permits you to get any one of these merchandise and have them at your front door in total comfort and security. The acquisition will be founded when the firm confirms your get with an email. Only buyers with a delivery service street address within Sweden are able to obtain on this website.

Additionally, to acquire within the online shop, you have to be more than 18 years of age. They provide practical transaction techniques in order that all their consumers can make their Duralex buys easily and securely. Look for the best brand name tempered window goods with the best selling price!