Choosing the Right Auto Transport Service for Your Car

A car transport broker is someone who specializes in the transport and delivery of automobiles internationally. Most automobiles shipped internationally are trucks and cars, but some brokers also handle motorcycles, boats and other kinds of automobiles as well. While a car transport broker can offer specialized services to cars or trucks, he or she will generally be able to offer general transportation services for all vehicles. It’s important to choose a transport broker carefully when you’re shipping a car, truck or motorcycle internationally Auto Transport because the price quote will be very different.

The majority of brokers who specialize in shipping automobiles will ship trucks and cars. These kinds of transportation services usually provide enclosed trailers or open trailers with giant loading doors to transport new vehicles. There are many benefits to using an auto transport brokerage firm to transport your car or truck. One benefit is that they have connections all over the world to get your vehicle to its destination. They can often get your vehicle to its destination faster than you can do it yourself, which can be extremely helpful if you need your vehicle quickly.

When choosing the most ideal international auto transport brokerage firms, you should take note of the experience and background of the firm. Some of the things you want to look out for include experience handling large volumes of auto shipments (especially for international shipments), familiarity with all kinds of transport carriers (especially with the major carriers like US Mail carriers and FedEx) and an up-to-date list of approved carriers. The internet is an excellent tool to research car transport and auto shipping firms. You can also find a large listing of companies that are members of the FMCSA. For those unfamiliar with the acronym FMCSA, “Free Shipping Interstate Statistics” on the FMCSA website is a good place to start. Many carriers are accredited members of this organization.

When comparing the various types of auto transport services, you should consider the cost. Basic auto transport services can vary dramatically in cost, so it is important that you know what you are getting before you agree to any contract. Look at the quoted prices on web sites or in ads for actual pricing. You should also read testimonials and reviews from other customers. Find out what the average time frames are for receiving vehicles, and what kind of insurance the company carries. Be sure that the carrier has a direct phone number where you can call to make any inquiries.

Freight companies use different methods for shipping cars and other vehicles. Some of them use charter flights, while others utilize trucks and large carriers. If you are looking for a one-stop shop that can ship your car and trailer to one location, then using a freight service is a good idea. If you would prefer to see the vehicle before the auto transport takes place, then an automobile shipping company may ship your car or trailer across the state or across the country.

The other factor to consider is how fast the delivery times are. You might be able to get your vehicle delivered in a matter of days or weeks. Some companies can deliver within one day and others can deliver in hours or even minutes. Some deliveries can take up to a month to complete. Check with the auto transport company to see what their delivery times are. The closer the delivery times are to your home or business location, the better off you will be.