How Much Do Foil Business Cards Cost?

Metal has been a really precious resource for humanity ever since we first decided to stop acting like hunter gatherers and instead began to leverage our agricultural knowledge and formed societies. As we have progressed as a species, metal has continued to be incorporated into various aspects of our lives, and the best example of this in the present day has to do with how business cards are being made out of them. Metal can be seen as a status symbol, but it is also quite unique in that it has a fair number of practical advantages as well once all has been said and is now out of the way.
The reason behind this is that you can use Metal Cards for longer periods of time than might have been the case otherwise due to their superior durability, but they can also enable you to use precious metals that can make your cards seem like truly exclusive items for the most part. The problem with using precious metals for your business cards is that they can make each individual card prohibitively expensive, but that’s where things like foil business cards can come in.
Foil cards are cheaper because they only use a thin foil of the precious metal, and you can likely get a single card made for as little as eighty cents depending on the material that you use. These cards can make your potential customers feel like you are the only person that is actually worth doing business with in the vicinity, something that others would definitely envy you for. The low cost of foil cards makes them a pretty useful thing to experiment with.