If you want to play guitar chords (kordgitar), know the right

Chords are a set of several notes that are played simultaneously. Basic chords (chord dasar) is made up of 3 notes. They are made up around the fundamental note (starting note). The chord’s quality determines the other notes of the chord.
Today the chord platform has become a place that provides excellent chords. These are a large set of several notes that constitute a large anonymous unit. The chords make up a part of the harmony of each song.
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Differences to minor chords from majors
The big difference between a minor chord and a major chord lies in the third note. This is played depending on the type of chord. If it is a major chord, it is stepping on its major third, and if it is a minor chord, it is stepping on its minor third.
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What is the guitar chords (chord kuncigitar) diagram?
The guitar chord diagram has a series of illustrations and drawings responsible for showing as the name says. The chords of a guitar tell you where they are, indicating where you should put your fingers.
They are essential for the guitarist who is, basically, for those who do not make much money. They must learn how to use this type of chord with ease.
Recommended Platform
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