The History of Junk Removal Services: From the 1800s to today

The junk removal industry has come a long way in the last fewhundred years. It all started in the 1800s when people became moreaware of the need to clean up their environment.

Unfortunately, there were noprofessional junk removal services in those days – people had to do it themselves! Over time,as the industry grew and evolved, specialized junk removal services began toemerge. Today, countless companies offer junk removal services,and the market is constantly growing. trash removal has also been around for a long time.

Let’s Dive Into The History!
One of the first professional junk removal services was foundedin 1969 by two brothers, Bill and John Hanrahan. The company, called Two Guysfrom Harrisonburg, started as a small operation but quickly grew into oneof the largest junk removal companies in the country. Today, it operates underthe name College Hunks Hauling Junk and has franchises all over the UnitedStates.

In 1978, another landmark moment in junk removal historyoccurred when Rubbish Works was founded in Seattle, Washington. This companypioneered large garbage trucks to remove trash and debris fromconstruction sites and other commercial properties. It soon became a leadingplayer in the industry and today operates nationwide with offices in severalmajor cities. The trash removalservices are great to consider.

The modern junk removal industry began to take off in the1990s. This was due to several factors, including the growing awareness ofenvironmentalism, the increasing popularity of DIY home improvement projects,and the rise of cable television shows about remodeling and renovation.

As aresult, there was a huge demand for professional junk removal services, and newcompanies started popping up all over the place.Today, the junk removal industry is worth billions of dollarsand grows every year.

There are now dozens – if not hundreds – ofcompanies that offer junk removal services, and the market is becomingincreasingly competitive. This is great news for consumers, as it means thatprices are dropping and quality is rising.